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The Flip Side of Tetris is a 2 player  couch coop  game where the first player plays as the CPU, constructing Tetris shapes for the second player who actually plays Tetris on the hand held console.

The game was created for the Unreal Engine 4 Spring Jam and the theme was "The flip side of the coin".

The game is played with two game pads.

Rules and controls:

Player One

The first player uses the left thumb stick to run around and light up the floor in Tetris shapes. Shapes are 'printed' with the A button and the floor is cleared without printing by pressing the Y button.

Printing the target and bonus shapes yield a higher score.

If the Tetris queue runs dry,  the first player will start taking damage.

Printing non Tetris shapes is allowed, but will penalize your score.

Player Two

The second player plays Tetris with pretty standard Tetris rules.

Move around with the left thumbstick or the D-Pad. Drop a block with the A button and rotate a piece with the X and B buttons.

The Tetris player should try and play as fast as possible to empty the queue. Once the queue is empty, the first player will start taking damage.


Jeremy de Reuck - Programming

Nadia de Reuck - Art

Assets Used

Modular RPG Heroes Polyart

Mega Game Music Collection

Universal Sound FX


We would still like to add some finishing touches, especially with regard to player feedback and general polish.

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, extract and run the .exe to play.


TheFlipSideOfTetris - Post Jam Updates 91 MB
TheChosen_TheFlipSideOfTetris.zip 89 MB

Development log


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Very fun game, with an interesting take on Tetris and PvP. Got an extra controller lying around, love Tetris and just have to kick your friends' butts? Then this is the game for you!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it.